What Are We Doing In Gym Today?

The physical education curriculum is grouped into 12 instructional units.  I have included our units of study for the year for those inquisitive students who always want to know what's next.  We touch on a variety of sports and activities, but our overarching Global Awareness goal is to develop understanding how movement and play unite people from around the world.  Older students will also be using pedometers to monitor their step count and evaluate which activities provide the most health benefits.

Week 1:  Skills for Success  (teamwork, following directions, safe moving, etc.)
Week 2:  Track and Field
Week 3:  Volleyball
Week 4:  Jump Rope
Week 5:  Lifetime Sports (golf and bowling)
Week 6:  Ball Skills and Basketball
Week 7:  Team Building Challenges (climbing wall)
Week 8:  Global Groove (dances from around the world)
Week 9:  Hockey, Pillo Polo, Ring Fling
Week 10:  Fitness testing and Nutrition
Week 11:  Lacrosse and Frisbee
Week 12:  Outdoor Games

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