Friday, April 24, 2020

Gold Rush keeps      moving and climbing higher!      

We are weeks into our remote learning and I know you all are doing your best to keep learning and get 60 minutes of exercise every day.  The weather is finally warm and it's time to get outside more.  Let's ramp up our Flat 14'er program this week as a new way to boost our activity level.  Colorado is home to 54 mountains that are 14,000 feet or higher in elevation...more than any other state.  The mountains are part of our Colorado landscape and culture.  This program encourages students and families to keep track of their steps, or milage until they have walked/jogged the same distance as a trail that reaches the summit of a 14'er.   Click on "Flat 14'er" on the right side of this page for more details so you can start your virtual mountain climb today!

Please continue to check the "Remote Learning" page as well for weekly lessons and simple activity ideas.  Try anything that interest you.  Each week has a theme to keep it interesting.  The week of April 27 includes nutrition games, water relay, and exercise videos that show us how to stay healthy.  The following week will have a Star Wars theme and May the 4th/Force be with you Gold Rush!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Physical Education At Home Learning  

Welcome Gold Rush friends!  I am sorry we are not able to get together for our regular fun, fitness, and friendship building that we do in the gym.  Things will be a little different for awhile, but if we all remain committed to learning and staying safe, everything will be okay.  Check out the "Remote Learning" page on the right hand side of this blog for further information and weekly suggestions.
We got this Retrievers - Stay Strong!

We'll be using the Exercise Alphabet below to actively spell out our daily focus, celebrations, and to encourage each other.